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Board of Ambassadors

 Fan of the Year Award 


The Fan of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding corporate, medical, or community partner of the American Cancer Society.  The award is a prestigious local honor for individuals or organizations with extraordinary contributions to the fight against cancer through humanitarian efforts, distinguished service, and leadership. 



Six months after the birth of our first child, my wife Lauren was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Stage IV Breast Cancer. We had recently moved to a new city, bought our first house, were both embarking on new careers, and had just created the start of a beautiful family. All the excitement of building a life together came crashing down with this devastating diagnosis.

However, we immediately chose to face whatever came our way with an optimistic attitude and a trust that everything happens for a reason. Despite being in a literal fight for her life, Lauren went through a two-year battle with such grace and determination. She continued to be an amazing mom, wife, daughter, friend, orthodontist, and overall beautiful person.

After Lauren’s fight ended in November 2018, I was dedicated to ensuring some good would come out of such an awful situation. Being involved in fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society was a way to positively impact those who are currently in a fight I knew about, all too well.

The American Cancer Society does such amazing things for families affected by cancer, awareness to help with earlier cancer detection, and providing hope for a brighter future where cancer will be much more effectively treated.

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